For longer than he would like to admit, Rob has been connecting students with opportunity, arming recruiters with LinkedIn's talent solutions, and helping colleges and universities fulfill the promise of the Connected School.

A dynamic speaker with a unique perspective on the modern student journey, Rob will leave you inspired, motivated, and enlightened on how LinkedIn continues to transform to meet the needs of students of all ages. Rob will also dive into the imperative for "connected schools—" a system for schools to work in unison to create demand, engage students and alumni, and reach top goals. 

Throughout his transformational journey, Rob has completed several successful “missions” at LinkedIn while remaining one of the highest performing sales executives in the company's history. Most recently as a Senior Manager of Content Marketing, Rob pioneered video, live events, and creative content for LinkedIn Talent Solutions. Rob is also a member of LinkedIn’s Education Vertical team, and gratefully works with marketers at 2U, Pearson, Cornell, UNC-Chapel Hill, and more. He is a backcountry snowboarder and an advisor to Arizona State University, Ithaca College, and Dension University. 

Be on the lookout for Rob's upcoming book on the college-to-career journey, and be sure to follow Rob on twitter (@linkedinrob) and on LinkedIn.